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A Permanent Resident card, or “green card,” is a plastic card with the person’s biographic data, photograph, unique finger impression, and lapse date issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. It approves the green card holder the privilege to live and work in the United States uncertainly. Since at one time, it was green, it keeps its moniker up to today. It is otherwise called an “Outsider Registration Card” and “Structure I-551”. At present, the card is yellowish with an attractive scanner tag on the back which stores the person’s data.

While the green card has a lapse date (10 years) and must be restored, the green card holder’s status as “legal changeless occupant” is as yet legitimate except if the status is surrendered or repudiated by U.S. government. The Permanent Resident enjoys most of the rights of a United States citizen according to the immigration law and regulations.

They need to be protected by all of the laws of the United States, your state of residence and local jurisdictions.They have the right to vote in local elections where United States citizenship is not required. A lawful permanent resident is someone who has been granted the right to live in the other country indefinitely. Permanent residents are given what’s known as a “green card,” which is a photo ID card that proves their status.

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